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VA and FHA

VA and FHA fall into the category of government loans. 

VA Mortgages: If you are currently in the United States military, or if you have ever served in the US armed forces, National Guard or reserves, you may be eligible to get a loan insured by the Veterans Administration (VA).  If you qualify, this special government benefit to veterans might be a good option for you.

Are you eligible for a VA loan?

If you are a veteran with a length of service and/or a discharge that qualifies, you may qualify for a VA loan.  A VA loan can allow you to buy a home for up to $417,000 with no money down. Above this amount and up to $650,000 you will need a down payment of 25% of the difference over $417,000.

Is a VA loan a good option for your home purchase? 

VA loans are now much more buyer- and-seller-friendly.  It is important to note that VA has deregulated buyer-seller payment rules, which has opened the market for a VA loan.  Rates now float competitively against the conventional market, allowing for much lower discount points and with loans available up to $650,000 a VA loan is a great option for your home purchase.

Pacific Home is a great choice for your VA loans and has over 20 years of experience.  We speak government!

If you want to find out the amount of the VA loan for which you qualify or for current interest rates click “Do I Qualify for a VA loan: and the computer will take you to the VA qualifying section.

For FHA information click here “FHA Information”